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Is AROGYA a full-fledged treatment for diabetes?

Remember, only a doctor can treat diabetes. However, Arogya helps control diabetes and may reduce the risk of complications. Arogya is only a primary diagnostic test service that can improve health outcomes by indicating the treatment goals.

Are your service providers qualified to take these test's?

Do you grantee for the accuracy of the test result?

NO, we don’t grantee for the accuracy. Results may treat indicative only.

How can I register for the service? OR How can I order for a home test without registering? OR Can I order home test for someone else?

Getting registered for Arogya is easy-peasy. One can register using three modes, Viz. –

One can only avail the services once registered. If you want to order test for your family member, you can easily get them registered. And if you want to avail the service for any friend just refer his mobile number to us.

Can I reschedule my test, already booked?

Sure! We take utmost care for your convenience. You can inform us for rescheduling one day prior to the test schedule.

What are the modes of payment for Arogya service? OR Can I pay online after availing a service?

The modes of payment for Arogya are-

  • Online payment
  • Wallet payment
  • Cash payment

We prefer prepayment for a service, however one can pay just after getting the test done (only once test).

How can I access my reports? OR How I’ll get my test results? OR Can I view all my test reports/ history?

Result of a test will be provided immediately after test. A consolidated report with consultation will be send on your mobile / email. One can check his historical reports any time at our website i.e.( http://easypeasyservice.com/reports)

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